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SOME USEFUL BOOKS about the Bible and Pastoral care.
Author: Ian Bourne, BA, BD, LTh

Ian Bourne was ordained in 1956 and has served in Parishes in NZ and England. He was
Archdeacon of Wellington from 1978 and between 1995 and 2004 lectured at the
Wellington Center of the Bible College of NZ.


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COMMONSENSE ABOUT GENESIS (A commentary on Genesis 1 - 11)
ISBN 0-476-01313-5 Print $12, Ebook $2

Commonsense About Genesis tackles the problem of accepting the early chapters of Genesis as genuinely part of the inspired written word of God and also taking into account modern discoveries about the age and origins of the universe.

IN THE FIRST AND TWENTY-FIRST CENTURIES (A commentary on 1 Corinthians)
ISBN 0-476-00254-0 Print $14, Ebook $2

The commentary on 1 Corinthians compares the issues facing the Church in Corinth in the First Century with life in the Twenty-first Century. An interesting feature is Ian Bourne's reconstruction of the letter the Corinthian Church sent to Paul in about AD 53 with the questions Paul deals with in 1 Corinthians.

WORSHIP -the Mark of True Humanity (The history and practice of worship)
ISBN 978-0-473-12279-9 Print $12, Ebook $2

Worship -the mark of true humanity has a short history of worship from pre-biblical times through Scripture and other sacred writings and in different world religions, to the modern day. It tackles the psychology of worship and has guidance about the effective conduct of Christian worship including the place of preaching.

PASTORAL MINISTRY IN GOD'S CHURCH (Ordained and lay ministry)
ISBN 0-472-10028-2 Print $14, Ebook $2

Pastoral Ministry in God's Church traces styles of ministry from ancient times, through the Bible and in later history and then describes Christian ministry in today's Church, its theology, personal challenge and practice.

MAKING MARRIAGE WORK (Talks for Christian Marriage Celebrants)
ISBN 0-473-11298-1 Print $8, Ebook $2

Making Marriage Work is a collection of 21 short and cheerful talks suitable for wedding services which will be very helpful to busy marriage celebrants who wish to bring greater relevance to the weddings they conduct. In the introduction Ian Bourne offers some useful suggestions about the conduct of marriage services. The book also has 7 appropriate Bible readings printed in full.

THIS IS HIS STORY (Talks for Family Services)
ISBN 978-0-473-13305-4 Print $9, Ebook $2

'This is His Story' traces Christian history from the world situation when Jesus was born, through his ministry and the establishment of the early Christian Church. It then summarises the growth and problems of the Church, persecutions and heresies, the increasing influence of popes, monks and scholars, the impact of Islam and the changes at the Reformation up to the situation in New Zealand Today.

FAMILY MESSAGES (Talks for Christian Marriage Celebrants)
ISBN 0-473-11298-1 Print $9, Ebook $2

This useful book contains guidance for the conduct of services of family worship and twenty-one children's talks on basic Christian doctrines with full details about how to create interesting objects to illustrate the talks.

A FELLOWSHIP OF FAITH (Small groups in the Church)
ISBN 978-0-473-14668-9 Print $10, Ebook $2

This book contains some history of small groups in the Church, deals with the psychology of group life and the practical leadership of, and participation in, home study groups.

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The Epistle to the Romans is generally regarded as Paul's greatest letter. It contains magnificent words of hope and challenge, but there are also parts of it which reflect Paul's profound understanding of the Faith and which need some explanation. This book aims to help lay Christians to read and understand the message of the epistle without being too perplexed by heavy scholarship. Suitable for home group study.

A LIFETIME OF PREACHING: A selection of sermons preached over half a centry by Archdeacon Ian Bourne

These sermons include 34 using the current Revised Common Lectionary.


A teaching book for people who wish to know what they need to believe and how they should go about committing themselves publicly as a Christian.


This is a collection of 40 short addresses suitable for ministers or Christian celebrants to use when they are conducting funerals. There are addresses suitable for almost all situations.


A commentary for lay persons who wish to better understand this great book of Christian teaching. Suitable for home group study.

A LIFE OBSERVED - Tales of Trust and Travel

Without betraying family secrets or telling on friends, Ian Bourne writes about his experiences of life from childhood, through University and as an Anglican priest. Also he relates some of the adventures he has had in travelling in many different parts of the world.

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